'Fantastic first novel '(Amazon Review 21/9/23)

A review for 'So Now Go Tell', by Kim Rodgers

I have known the author for some time and knowing her love of Shakespeare I knew there would be elements in the book which would reflect this. Indeed it did, and in a very gentle way (especially as I am still "learning" and understanding his words). I loved the Shakespeare quotes at the beginning of each chapter. The book had many layers and it was a slow burner for me until I was hooked and wanting to learn more about Jenny and her past and the journey she was taking. An unexpected twist which I didn't see coming . . . 

A multi-layered storyline unlike anything I have read previously and LOVED it.


'A Great Debut! Shakespeare, AmDram, Mystery and Thrills' (Amazon Review 9/09/23)

A review for 'So Now Go Tell', by Lea Pryer

I was lucky enough to receive an advance reading copy of this book from the author. Knowing her love and expertise in Shakespeare, I was intrigued as to how she would incorporate it into a mystery/thriller, genres I love and am well read in. For a debut novel, I was worried that it might be overly cliched and/or 'run of the mill'. However, I was pleased to find myself caught up in Jenny's story, and that of her new friends and keen to reach the resolution. There was a lot packed into the story. I particularly loved the historical Shakespearean mystery element. 

There was a hint of more books to come which I hope there will be as I felt there was much more story to be had from all characters.

NB: Everyone needs a Mags in their life.


'Excellent' (Amazon review 18/9/23)

A review for 'So Now Go Tell', by RDS

Excellent and enjoyable read. Numerous facets to the story. Looking forward to the next one.

'Excellent Book - really enjoyed it. Amazon review 5/9/23

A review for 'So Now Go Tell', by Dee

I like a "thriller" and I like Shakespeare so had to give this a go . . . really cleverly written, set against an interesting and unusual backdrop. It was beautifully written, and I had no idea "whodunnit" which is exactly what you want from such a book. Buy it, you'll love it.


More than Shakespeare (Goodreads Review 25/9/23)

A review for 'So Now Go Tell', by Josephine Jarman

As a fan of Shakespeare I found this a real gem to read. The story was skilfully woven against Shakespeare. I did feel a knowledge or like of Shakespeare would increase your enjoyment. Jenny is a multilayered character and we get to see her history revealed thoroughly and skilfully always relevant to the story. All the characters she meets are well written. This is more than a story about a woman given a job to run a Shakespeare festival in a rundown pub. It's about finding yourself in the darkest of times, coming to terms with your past and daring to go for your dreams, and all the time helping others.

Thank you netgalley, publisher and author for a solid four star read.


Goodreads/Netgalley ***** Review 2/10/23

A review for 'So Now Go Tell', by Robin Price

Susan Sachon is a bit of a Shakespeare devotee. Her vast knowledge of the Bard, his world and his writing, informs and illuminates this ambitious debut novel.

This is a richly descriptive, beautifully written story, with a vast and well-drawn cast. The characterisation throughout is Shakespearean in depth and bursting with empathy. The plot is complex and enriched substantially with parallels within Shakespeare's tragedies and historic plays.

Reading this mystery thriller was an emotional roller-coaster; tears were shed; at times it was subtle and subdued, and then violent, vivid and visceral. I absolutely loved Jenny's back story and her journey of self-discovery. I look forward to the next novel in the series.

'Gripping, couldn't put it down' (Amazon review 28/7/23)

A review for 'So Now Go Tell', by Bucy123 (Amazon Review 28/7/23)

Quite frankly, a great story, very relateable with fascinating nuggets of Shakespearean history, woven into the story in a really clever but totally accessible way. Really interesting, the author tempts you with parallels and leaves you plenty to think about.

The characters are rounded, the pace is perfectly pitched, and so descriptive, it was like watching a movie in my mind. I laughed, I cried, literally COULD NOT put it down!


'Unique story' - Goodreads review

A review for 'So Now Go Tell', by ANDIREADS

Jenny Watson is at loose ends when she is offered her dream job running a Shakespeare festival at a pub. She grabs the job without any second thoughts, even though the pub is a shambles and the boss is somewhat of a mystery. When she finds an old skull in the basement, she takes on determining its history while trying to convince the small town that a Shakespearean play would be fun. the problem is, Jenny isn't there by chance and she has a few secrets of her own.

Unique story with some insightful Shakespearean information! If you like a British mystery, a bit of Shakespeare of consider yourself an actor, So Now Go Tell is for you!

'Couldn't put it down!' (Amazon review 20/8/23)

A review for 'So Now Go Tell', by Amazon Customer, 20/8/23)

Such a clever book with so many different layers. I took this novel on holiday to read over the course of the week but binge read it in a day. The character development is effortlessly laid out early on and the exciting story line is eloquently twisted with a remarkable knowledge of Shakespeare. 

If you like Shakespeare, crime and romance, look no further! A winning combination!


'A pacy and beautifully written story' (Amazon review 28/7/23)

A review for 'So Now Go Tell', by ML (Amazon Review 28/07/23)

Having received an advance reader copy to review this book, I found it easy to immerse myself in the story and would recommend it to you if you like thrillers. It is an engaging story that starts with a mystery, hinting at something troubled in the main character's past as she struggles to come to terms with being made redundant and trying to achieve her long held dream of directing a Shakesperae play. As she appeares to have been given the chance of a lifetime to fulfil this dream, the story develops and incorporates mysterious events that lead Jenny further into danger, making her more isolated.

Life mirrors art as Jenny delves into the mysteries at the heart of the pub she is managing, and the main from her past with who she finally comes face to face again. the story develops at a steady pace until the final denouement. This is a beautifully written and pacy book which also delves into the history of one of Shakespeare's tragedies.

'Cleverly written mystery with a sprinkle of Shakespeare' (Amazon review 25/8/23)

A review for 'So Now Go Tell', by KEF (Amazon Review, 25/8/23)

I was lucky enough to get an advance copy of this book! Very well written with lovely language and interesting characters. Jenny gets her dream job but is it too good to be true?? I love a mystery and this one did not disappoint. Can see this becoming a series and can't wait to see if there's another installment.

'Brilliant read' (Amazon review 30/08/23)

A review for 'So Now Go Tell', by Amazon Customer, 30/08/23

What a fabulous debut novel. The writer transports you in to Jenny's dream with beautiful descriptions, epic character development and story twists.

The Shakespeare element is fascinating and I very much look forward to a series.

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