Susan Sachon

Thriller and romance author; play director; Shakespeare workshop facilitator and academic writer. Wife, Mum and proud Grandmother to a beautiful little girl who loves stories!

So Now Go Tell

So Now Go Tell

After reaching a crisis point at 40, Jenny Watson is offered her dream job running a Shakespeare festival at a Tudor pub. She can hardly believe her luck at this brilliant new start, and chance to escape her unhappy past.

About the author

Susan has loved writing, books and theatre since childhood, and now loves sharing stories with her small granddaughter.

Apart from enjoying time with her family, she has also worked in business, run a theatre arts school for kids and somehow found time to gain a degree in Literature/Creative Writing, and a PhD in Shakespeare! She now writes fiction full-time, runs Shakespeare workshops and directs plays locally.

About the author

Recent Reviews

I recently  had the pleasure of diving into 'So Now Go Tell' by Susan Sachon, and what a thrilling ride it was! From the very first page, this book had me hooked. It's a true page-turning thriller that delves deep into the realms of darkness, crime and mystery.

Sachon's writing is nothing short of spectacular; it's beautifully crafted and intricately complex. the way she weaves Shakespearean codes into the narrative adds an intriguing layer to the story that kept me engaged and guessing u…

Thrillers are one of my favourite genres and this one stands out as being very different. At the heart of this tale is a character who loves shakespeare and wants to put on a controversial play at the spooky pub she manages in a new village . . . 

Whilst there were some aspects of the book that I didn't enjoy from a personal point of view, there were more strengths than weaknesses. The book was intelligent, it stands out as being different and was very fulfilling because of the very stron…

If you enjoy Shakespeare this is the perfect book for you.

Obviously I know who Shakespeare is but I'm not massively knwledgeable about him, so some parts I didn't really get. But regardless of that I still really enjoyed it! I felt Jenny made her decision too quickly and didn't really think about it enough, with moving in and taking the job, but then to be fair, it was pretty much a job made for her, a perfect fit.

She I thought was a really sweet character though, I did like her.


'Sachon's writing is nothing short of spectacular' (Blog Tour Review (Random Things Tours), 13/10/23)


'This one stands out as being different' - Excerpt from Blog Tour review (Random Things Tours), 16/10/23, mrs Bennettsbookshelf


Blog Tour Review (Random Things Tours) 13/10/23, twoladiesandabook


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